The Right Choice

Sometimes a client makes the right choice by selecting you as the “go to” person when they decide they need a website. That certainly was the case with one client.

Jo had been presenting a monthly documentary film night in a small town on Vancouver Island since 1994. By 2005 she was finally drawing a large enough crowd of 30+ people to move Film Night out of the teachers lounge at the local community school into the modern theatre.

In 2012, Jo approached me to do a website for the Awareness Film Night. She has never really taken to the internet or technology so was a bit hesitant about it all.

I assured her she didn’t have to worry about anything, I would take of it all for her until she found others to help. I registered her domain, set up hosting, built the site, created social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and started connecting with other locals and posting content, and soon Jo was seeing crowds of over 100 people from a population of 11,500 people.

Because of the type of person I am, I had archived every email announcement she sent out about the monthly film since 2005, so I was able to populate the site with all the films from those previous years.