People living in the developed world have access to a very advanced medical system, but often that system falls very short in helping us prevent disease, manage ailments and provide safe remedies to improve our quality of life – the most important thing we have. Cures for so many diseases are something we look forward to at some unspecified, future time.

It is no wonder so many people are turning to “alternative” therapies, especially ones that have been around long before Western medicine existed, or have proven to be safer, or in addition to, allopathic medicine.

There is an old saying that “food is medicine” and the proof exists when one is committed to a raw, organic, live food diet.

Growing any amount of your own food will improve your health and well being to some degree.



Nature and Knowledge : a new project to create a database matching ailments with natural remedies.

Reiki : A Japenese healing art. Book an appointment from any where in the world

Colloidal Silver: A natural antibiotic you can make yourself.

Cannabis: An ancient healing herb
Why People Use Cannabis

Grow Your Own Food: Food is medicine