Absolute Consulting


These are the main areas of focus. Ask Absolute Consulting about anything not covered as research has gone into various projects that are not mentioned here


Over 15 years experience building websites, tech support, consulting for many clients.


Alternatives to pharmaceuticals, lifestyle adjustments and good nutrition can improve ones health tremendously


You have the problem and we have the solution. Analysis, Data, Flow, Outcomes


We can write, research, promote and advocate about your issue. Making the world a better place.


Our Expertise
Every problem has a solution


There are ways for people to improve their health and quality of life, there are ways for businesses to improve higher employee satisfaction, performance, productivity and bottom lines. There are ways for organizations to better promote their cause. All perceive their situation from a subjective mindset. Absolute Consulting brings needed objectivity to the scene so the situation can be assessed "outside the box".

Decades of experience through paid work, education and volunteering has bestowed accumulated knowledge and wisdom to guide each project.

  • We can get you on the web and see results

  • natural remedies, lifestyle adjustments, nutrition

  • Analysis, Data, Flow, Outcomes

  • Get your issue out there!