There are many worthy causes and it is easy to become overwhelmed by trying to “save the world” so finding the right organizations or movements that resonate with you, or starting your own, is crucial to being an effective advocate. You can seek out positions within established organizations, or with much sacrifice, dedication, perseverance and usually altruistic, rather than financial rewards, start a grassroots campaign/organization. Either way, satisfaction, happiness and a sense of well-being are priceless.

No matter what the cause, there are some very good templates that can be applied to promote and use for most causes. More importantly, there are unique strategies that can be applied by creatively tailoring messaging, visuals, networking and other applications to a specific organization.

Advocacy involves funding via grant proposals, membership drives, fundraising ideas and various other tools.

Promotion through print, web, social media and other forms of media are crucial to successful advocacy work and Absolute Consulting can assist all the way.

Samples of advocacy work