Advocacy work

The following examples are works that have been done within an advocacy framework.

Social Justice

Absolute Consulting – Cannabis: Knowledge, Experience, Information Specialists Helping Canada Enter The Era of Cannabis Regulation

  –  Emily’s Paradox
  –  University of Calgary: Complementary Medicine Speaker Series – Medical Marijuana
   – Beyond 2008: North America Regional Consultations – UN-observed Forum
   – Response to the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations - Information and resources connected to cannabis in Canada (20200508) The oldest Canadian cannabis information site on the web!

afnAwareness Film Night: Client: Monthly documentaries on topics normally disregarded or skewed by the mainstream media since 1994 in Sooke. B.C.

Food Security

homegrow.caHome Grow : Resources for growing food at home (general and specific to southern Vancouver Island) *Home*
Langfood Client: A local food security group located in Langford, BC.


GreenLangfordGreen Langford : Promoted eco-tourism and highlight the natural beauty of an area being quickly torn up and developed on Vancouver island.

LagoonWildlifeLagoon Wildlife: Client: A project that produced reports based on analyzed and documented Hair Mineral Analysis and Hair Elements of geese.