Emily’s Paradox

EMILY MURPHY Revised Nov.2004 Preface Back of the new $50 Canadian banknote Emily’s Paradox was written and published on-line due to the frustration with mostly finding one-sided accounts available on the internet about her – the sanctioned, sanitized hero version. With the minting of the Famous Five on the new Canadian $50 bill that just[…]


DrugSense Weekly Newsletter Feb. 8, 2008 #535 Feature Article Source: http://www.drugsense.org/dscgi/dispn.pl/2008/ds08.n535.html#sec6 News Release http://communications.uvic.ca/releases/release.php?display=release&id=884 BEYOND 2008 On February 4-5, 2008 in Vancouver, BC, the second of two “Beyond 2008: North America Regional Consultations” took place in preparation for a 4th International NGO Forum on UN Drug Conventions. It was held at the Morris J. Wosk[…]