Energy_Healing_Level_2  Reiki is a Japanese healing method using a hands on approach by a Reiki practitioner to direct universal life force energy to a person or animal. The hands may be placed above a person if there is too much discomfort or pain.

Some benefits of Reiki:

– Deep Relaxation
– Pain management
– Reduced anxiety & depression
– Relieves tension
– Improved sleep
– Enhanced well-being
– Stronger self-esteem
– Increases vitality
– Great self awareness
– Heightened intuition

Distance Reiki can be sent to a person anywhere in the world as the energy flows freely throughout the entire universe and is not limited like TV and radio signals are.

Reiki is recognized as a beneficial healing module and is taught by Reiki masters in studio or educational settings.

Pet Reiki




Animal Reiki is the most popular service offered and pets both large and small respond wonderfully to Reiki.

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Price List

Hands on in person at studio (Woodbine): $55.00 (1 hour appointment)
Distance Reiki: $40.00  (40 minute appointment)
Animal Reiki: House calls $50.00 (15-30 minutes depending on animal)

To book a Reiki appointment or consultation please visit and include your phone number if you wish a call back.