About Me

Debra Harper

Although I have some post-secondary education, I am mainly self-taught through experience, practice, research and any tools available to learn the desired subject. Each section and page of this website represents these areas of work/research/interest. I worked for large, medium and small corporations and businesses, formed a registered, non-profit society, did/do volunteer work in education, advocacy, tech and other sectors and gained knowledge and expertise.

I have a great network of people with so many different levels of expertise, education and experience that the needed talent is available to cover the scope of any project.

The benefits of this type of small, independent consulting business is the client can get information, analysis, tech support or what ever product or service at a deeply discounted cost than hiring a corporate firm right from the start. Absolute Consulting may be able to solve your problem, get you on the net, or whatever you need, without additional parties and higher costs down the road. Win-win.


Mount Royal College
English, Psychology, A

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Marketing, B

Athabasca University
Psychology, A

Skill Set

Web Design, Tech Support
Drug Policy Work

  • writing, research, editing
  • internet – web design/development, databases, maintenance, graphics, tech support, marketing, SEO, audio/video production and editing, social media, and much more
  • information on many varied subjects, advocacy (see below) and current affairs
  • small business consulting, planning, managing, strategy, analysis
  • Personal/Business Assistant
  • organize, declutter
  • organic gardening / food security
  • Reiki
  • natural health remedies